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Bio – Joy White
With more than 20 years of experience working in various high-end markets in both Hawaii and South Florida, Joy White is unmatched in delivering true luxury experiences. She has been involved in multiple “up cycles” of Miami real estate – extending from the 1990s, to the early 2000s, to today’s tremendous new building surge, and has been successful throughout that time. “I consider myself a real ‘connoisseur’ of the luxury market, in all its forms,” explains Joy, who has also worked in exclusive art gallery sales and resort ownership real estate sales in Maui, Waikiki, and Kona in the Hawaiian Islands as well as in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and coastal Fort Lauderdale. “I then pair my knowledge of what luxury buyers want with an in-depth understanding of the markets in their target destinations,” she continues. “It’s a full-service, full-spectrum approach that always manages to exceed expectations.”
Among the many resources Joy places at her clients’ fingertips are experience in pricing, legal requirements, contract negotiations, obtaining financing, and more. She is also very talented at marketing and advertising properties in media and in person to attract a wide audience of strong, motivated buyers. One of her specialties is assisting both domestic and international buyers with properties for second homes or investments, offering a full set of complementary services related to property management and rentals to help maximize each property’s potential. She also offers expertise in offices, warehouses, light industrial, and other commercial properties.
Joy is a Certified Contract Trainer for RPR Realtors Property Resource a benefit of the National Association of Realtors.

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Joy White
2637 East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, FL, United States
Phone: 954-998-3094