Juan Orellana
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Juan Orellana - 房屋中介

407 Lincoln Road City Center, Miami Beach, FL 33139, US

Miami Beach Real Estate Broker and Residential Building Certified Contractor


I am here to help you finding your dream home, coordinating a moving company, making you feel comfortable, safe and informed. Selling and marketing a house or a condo on your own is an overwhelming job. Make it easy on yourself, let a seasoned professional take care of it. I am here to represent you.
Flipping houses, for many, has become a desirable source of income when a house can be sold or rented for a substantial profit. I am a certified REO’s, and auction expert at your service.
I am devoted to provide our customers with the right fusion of style and quality, at the best price. Me and my team specialize in remodeling & building custom homes.

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  • 西班牙语
  • 葡萄牙语
  • 俄语
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Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.
23 years in real estate investments, residential construction and rehab.


Certified Residential Building Contractor

执照号码 3273134
Juan Orellana
407 Lincoln Road City Center, Miami Beach, FL 33139, US
Phone: (954) 399-2138