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Brandy Saldivar - 房屋中介

1100 Dexter Avenue North #275, Seattle, WA 98109, US

Assisting buyers and sellers build wealth through real estate in the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas.


I've spent the last 19 years in the Real Estate Industry and I'm more qualified (and more determined) than most for the job of selling your home or finding your next one! I LOVE and serve the Greater Seattle Area; I live on the Eastside in beautiful Snoqualmie and I have offices in Kirkland, Downtown Seattle and West Seattle (there is no place I won't go!).

Here are a few resume items:

With experience in several Real Estate Markets including California, New Jersey and in Washington I've seen it all and understand Real Estate Market intricacies at a very high level.
I spent 4 years running an international Real Estate Market Research Company studying the behaviors of Real Estate Consumers and listening to buyers and sellers (just like you!) tell us exactly what they need and how they need it.
I interned with one of the top real estate agents in the world and gained intimate insight into the proper structuring, systems and procedures of a highly successful real estate business which I am now building here in Western Washington. #NeverStopLearning - I continue to surround myself with the best in the business which keeps me on my toes, inspired and on the cutting edge (for you!).

Top Realtors today are skills-based and strategy-based. Your Realtor is your advisor, local economist, strategist, marketer, negotiator and advocate throughout the process. Call me for a consultation. I promise to be your best advocate throughout the entire buying and selling process, with the goal of earning YOUR future referrals. So now it's your turn! What can I learn about you and your family and how can I help you?!

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Brandy Saldivar
Kirkland 98083, US
Phone: 425-559-4322